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(TM) Trade Mark registration

Globalization of world business relations involves businesses to everyday strict competitive struggle where important role belongs to protection of intellectual property. Registration of a trademark and its subsequent use is one of main instruments which can make competitive ability for your business and distinguish the goods and services of one undertaking from those to another.

Registration of a trademark is not only an image step. As a subject of property a trademark can be sold, granted (fully or partly, for charge or free of charge), can be invested as a part of authorized capital i.e. work in business and bring profit to its proprietor.

Possible forms which can be registered as trademarks are words, original sentences, pictures, combinations of words and graphic elements, three-dimensional configurations, colored combinations, sound marks.   

Registration and protection of trademarks in the Russian Federation belongs to Rospatent.   

Registration of international trademarks is made with the Madrid system for the international registration of marks established in 1891. The Madrid system functions under the Madrid Agreement (1891) and the Madrid Protocol (1989). It is administered by the International Bureau of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) located in Geneva, Switzerland.

To have your trademark protected in several countries you need either to fill in applications in each of the countries directly or do it simply by filing just one international application (in English or French language) according to the Madrid Agreement of international trademarks and/or the Madrid Protocol. International application is more advantageous in case your trademark must be protected in many countries.

List of countries of the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol

In order to apply for international trademark protection and to calculate the amount of fee paid for international application it is necessary to file a request providing certain details:

1. Full information about initial registration of the trademark. To apply for protection of your trademark in other countries it is necessary to have this trade mark registered in the country of its origin (to provide either the certificate of registration of the trademark or the identification number in commercial register confirming that the trademark has already been applied for registration or registered in a home country). 

2. List of the countries (including the countries' names) where the trademark will be registered. The fee paid depends on the number of chosen countries. 

3. The goods and services listed in the international application must be completely identical and within the scope of the goods and services registered in the initial certificate of this trademark. All goods and services are divided into 45 classes on the basis of the “International Classification of Goods and Services” for trademarks registration. The 9th edition of International classification is in use now. The fee for the application depends on the number of classes claimed.

The 9th edition of International classification

As a rule international registration of a trademark takes 1 year. The protection period of  international trademark begins on the date of filing the application and is granted for 10 years. It can be renewed for a subsequent 10 year period by paying the renewal fee.

We are glad to offer our clients competent assistance in the process of international registration of trademarks that means our contribution in your international business to be prosperous and advantageous in the world market.