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Offshore company is true and profitable

«Apollonium Tax & Legal Consultants» provides services in tax planning and legal advice, develops and introduces schemes of tax planning for each business case individually.

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August 20, 2013
«National» Hotel

Offshore: yesterday, today, tomorrow

The seminar is devoted to specific interaction with companies registered in offshore and low-tax jurisdictions


Tax planning as prudential policy

Tax planning is working out of optimal schemes complex for each business individually in order to minimize income being a subject to taxation either on the territory of the Russian Federation or the territory of offshore countries.

The goal of tax planning is not to escape from tax payments but to arrange your financial affairs and legal rights so as to minimize your taxes. Due to competent use of certain steps and methods you can achieve minimization of tax payments and increase floating assets of your business.

Reducing your taxes with the use of rational instruments, gives companies additional ability to increase income, to develop successfully and stay prosperous in business in future.

The main principle of International Tax Planning is to transfer maximum part of your business income to another object with minimum taxation. Use of companies registered in countries with low and zero taxation is a basic way to reduce your taxes. Double Tax Treaties are commonly applied to achieve the goal.

International tax planning is based on building chains of classic offshores and companies registered in low-tax jurisdictions. You can take a close look at main advantages and disadvantages of offshore companies on our site in sections: "Offshore company as it is", "Classic offshore", "Low-tax jurisdictions". To take our specialists' opinion or legal advice You are welcome to our office.

Leading experts in international Law and Economics guarantee our clients the best quality of service. Our consultants have got more than 5-year successful experience working in this sphere. During these years we have been creating and improving a range of effective and legal schemes of reducing taxation. Your business will stay prosperous and safe.

"Apollonium Tax & Legal Consultants" also offers services: registration, subsequent support and liquidation of international companies, assisting with opening offshore bank accounts, providing vessel registration with offshore companies, and some other services.